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PodBrand Media (PBM) is an agile and creative podcast media Company that produces high-quality, content-rich podcasts to help build your brand. Each episode of your podcast, YOU are the guest… we interview YOU!

Branded Podcasting – a new way to tell your story!



In a noisy world, you control the narrative and create great content in the process!


We make sure your podcast message is in line with your vision, mission and brand.


Your podcast will deepen trust, create confidence and strengthen loyalty.

OUR ONE THING? Podcasting

Utilizing our TWO Superpowers:

1.  Engaging, conversational atmosphere; and

2.  Insightful questions to draw out richer content.

"Done For You" Podcasting Package:

  • Discovery Session and Podcast Setup
  • Quarterly strategy sessions with you
  • Short but powerful podcast interviews
  • Published episodes with bulleted show notes
  • Video file available
All for one, affordable price!

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